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It may not be outrightly obvious, but if you have bad oral health you automatically open your entire body up to myriad diseases and conditions that are far worse than cavities.

Dr. David A. Browne and the rest of our team here at David A. Browne, DDS, PC in McHenry, Illinois want you to stay as healthy as possible, which is why we compiled this list of three things that bad oral health can cause in the rest of your body.

Jawbone deterioration
If you let your oral health go too far, you may end up with periodontitis, which is the most advanced form of gum disease you can contract. Left untreated, periodontitis will cause tooth loss and even infect your jawbone, causing it to deteriorate.


Bad oral health has also been linked to various cancers, including mouth, throat, and lung. While it may seem like a stretch to connect your oral health to cancer, consider the fact that your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. If it’s not healthy, what’s to keep the bacteria inside of it from spreading?

Heart disease

Heart disease is still the number-one killer of adults in America, and bad oral health has also been linked to heart conditions. If you don’t take care of your teeth, you could put yourself at risk for any number of heart conditions.

These are just three of the many potential problems you could face by ignoring your oral health. If you feel you need an oral health screening, or simply more information about oral health and how to have a better routine, call us today at 815-344-6811 to schedule an appointment.