Do you have an incomplete smile that you wish to fill with a product that will give you the functionality you need and the freedom you want? If so, we are thrilled to give you the option of wearing dentures!

Dentures in McHenry, Illinois, have pink, gum-like foundations that have false teeth attached to the side, and we offer both complete and partial dentures that can replace all or just a few of your missing teeth. Complete dentures are removable products that are placed over your gums and suctioned to the roof of your mouth. Partial dentures are also removable, but, when they are placed over the gums, they are clasped to the remaining teeth on both sides of the gap. Both of these products are beneficial and successful, and they give you the functionality you need in an oral cavity. If you would like further information on when and where to wear your dentures, please feel free to talk to your dentist, Dr. David A. Browne, during your next appointment.

These products do, however, take some time getting used to. We strongly recommend eating small, soft foods when you begin using the dentures. As time passes by, you can gradually move up to the foods you would normally eat throughout the day. We also suggest speaking difficult words aloud to help your tongue become familiar with the new product in your mouth.

If you would like to learn more, call David A. Browne, DDS, PC now!