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Long-term problems with gum disease and chronic tooth decay can lead to multiple cases of tooth loss and create weakened roots in teeth. In some cases, our doctor, Dr. David A. Browne might recommend extracting your remaining teeth and preparing for replacements.

One such replacement is a full or partial denture. Your denture will be carefully created at a state of the art dental lab. It will closely match the shape and contours of your existing gum structure. Many denture wearers also like to use denture adhesive when they put their dentures in each morning. This can also help to block stray food particles from getting between the base of the dentures and irritating the gums. Any denture adhesive will need to be rinsed away any time you take your denture out. Before going to bed each night, you will need to thoroughly brush the denture with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste.

If you live in the McHenry, Illinois, area and your teeth have been severely compromised by poor oral health, you should call 815-344-6811 to schedule a denture consultation at David A. Browne, DDS, PC.