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It’s very common for a person who comes in for a dental cleaning to be advised that they should floss more regularly. Of these people, nearly 80% have admitted that they do not floss.

While you know how important flossing is, we’re going to reiterate here. You should floss on a daily basis! Brushing alone, even twice daily, doesn’t reach the areas of your mouth flossing does. This is why flossing is important.

The leftover food particles and plaque hiding between your teeth can cause cavities to form. Flossing not only cleans these areas to protect them but also contributes to the health and condition of your gums as well. This will help prevent your gums from contracting gingivitis.

Flossing is also important in preventing you from having bad breath.

If you are one of the many who struggles to floss daily, here is some helpful ideas! Floss picks and floss holders are easy and quick methods to clean your teeth. If you are forgetting to floss, place a sticky note to remind you on the bathroom mirror.

By flossing your teeth, you’re protecting them for years to come. To schedule a dental cleaning in McHenry, and Illinois with your dentist Dr. David A. Browne, please call us at 815-344-6811 today!