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Traditionally, if a child’s baby teeth fall out, we celebrate the event, but if a child’s permanent tooth falls out, we tend to freak out. To prevent an anxiety attack in the event of a dental emergency such as losing a permanent tooth, the first order of business is staying calm. If you are calm, your child will likely follow suit and calm down as well.

Retrieve the lost tooth, and if it is dirty (it happened outside and fell in the earth) you can hold it by the crown and place it in a bowl of warm water to remove debris. You do not want to handle the roots!

Next, place the tooth back in the socket if possible, in between the gum and cheek. If your child is too anxious to keep the loose tooth in the mouth without swallowing it, you can safely transport the tooth in various ways:

— In a tooth preserving container that you may have in your dental emergency kit.
–In some milk from your fridge. The proteins in the milk will help the tooth.
–In some salty water which helps to keep bacteria at bay.
–In a zip-lock baggie covering the tooth with either your saliva or your child’s.

Once the tooth is secured, get to your dentist or emergency room as soon as possible. Just because a tooth is lost that does not mean it is a lost cause. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like more information in putting together a dental emergency kit.