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Have you ever been told that the health of your mouth and your overall health are connected? However, did you know that the color of your tongue could show signs of more problems?

For example, have you heard of leukoplakia? While leukoplakia itself isn’t too serious, it could be an indicator that cancer is forming. One common symptom of leukoplakia is a white tongue. Similarly, if you have a yeast infection known as thrush, your tongue could turn white. Luckily, you can usually deal with thrush by eating plain yogurt. Certain medications can help as well.
Also, if your tongue turns to red or to pink, you could be dealing with a few vitamin deficiencies, including a vitamin B-12 deficiency. However, a bright tongue can also be a sign of more serious issues, such as scarlet fever or Kawasaki syndrome in children. However, if you’re dealing with scarlet fever or Kawasaki syndrome, there should be a fever as well.

Still, would you be surprised to learn that your tongue might also turn black and could even look like it has hair on it? Fortunately, these hair-like strange features are actually bacteria attached to small bumps on your tongue. You can usually avoid this problem by brushing and flossing well.

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