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Is your smile receiving a daily dose of dental floss? Dental floss is an extremely important part of your oral health care daily routine, as it cleans the areas between teeth that brushing cannot reach. If for any reason your flossing habits are inadequate and cannot be modified, try switching to an alternative interdental cleaner such as a water flosser. For a list of the finest tips and techniques for dental floss, see the list below:

– Never use the same strand of dental floss more than once.

– When looking for which dental floss will work best for you, try choosing a product that is shred resistant.

– Flossing correctly every day is vital for optimum oral health. Don’t forget to floss between each tooth including the back row.

– Use dental floss that has been proven to be safe and effective, including products recommended by your dentist or those products that have been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

– Strive for thread length between 16-20 inches to ensure a new section can be used for each tooth.

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