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Have you ever asked yourself what causes bad breath? Although it can often be passed aside as simply bad smells arising from foods you eat, bad breath is often the result of bacterial odors that emanate from your mouth. Bad breath can be caused by an assortment of underlying conditions including infections in your mouth, or even problems that exist deeper within your body.

The excitement of a better smile awaits with bad breath treatments. The key to understanding bad breath includes the following:
– Oftentimes, bad breath can be caused by plaque buildup or food residue in the mouth.
– Bad breath can be the consequence of improper brushing and flossing or lack thereof.
– Erroneously cleaned dentures can also cause bad breath.
– Dry mouth can produce bad breath.
– Though bad breath may be the result of a more severe condition, mouthwash tends to work very well to freshen breath and improve your smile.
– Normally, bad breath symptoms are often increased by underlying diseases or illnesses, including periodontal disease, respiratory tract infections, liver problems, kidney problems, and tooth infections.

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