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Taking care of your mouth is important. Luckily, it’s not complicated. Let’s review some basics for excellent oral hygiene.

First, make sure you are in the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time. Many of us short-change our teeth by not giving them enough time in cleaning. If you struggle spending that much time on your teeth, try setting a timer. Listen to your favorite music, or reflect on the day, and the time will fly by.

Second, don’t forget to floss. This should be a daily companion to brushing, and is vital to good dental health. Use a single-filament floss that has earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This will ensure you are using a product that is good for your teeth. If conventional flossing is difficult for you, talk to Dr. David A. Browne about flossing alternatives. These could include water flossing, a pre-strung flosser, or floss for sensitive gums.

Lastly, mouthwash can be a good addition to the oral hygiene routine of some people. Choose a therapeutic mouthwash–these are mouthwashes that actually assist in oral health, rather than simply freshening breath temporarily. If you need to avoid alcohol, read labels carefully, as many mouthwashes contain a lot of it. Do not give mouthwash to children under 6.

Remember to visit your dentist once every 6 months. This will make sure that you catch any problems early. If you are in the McHenry, Illinois area, call David A. Browne, DDS, PC at 815-344-6811 and set up an appointment today!